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Reef snorkeling tour, underwater museum, turtle encounter, sunken ship and marine cenote.

The snorkeling tour is divided into 5 visits with 4 dives:

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Reef snorkeling tour, underwater museum, turtle encounter, sunken ship and marine cenote.

The snorkeling tour is divided into 5 visits with 4 dives:

First visit:
Enjoy the “El Meco” coral reef, one of the best preserved in the Great Mayan Reef, full of fish and marine life. The reef has depths of 2.5 to 4 meters with different coral formations and schools of fish.
Second visit:
Our second visit is to an underwater museum, where we will admire two galleries of underwater art, interaction of art and the environment in the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful works of art, with a spectacular turquoise blue background.
Third visit:
Our point to find turtles, we have 96 – 98% chance of finding 1 to 5 turtles. We can also find and swim with manta rays. When was the last time you had a chance to swim with turtles in their natural habitat?
Fourth visit:
A very attractive visit, the sunken ship. Full of marine life, multicolored coral and schools of fish of different species. It is a semi-sunken ship and perched on a bank of white sand that turns a natural pool of turquoise water around it, it is impressive.
Fifth visit:
Discover fresh water in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a marine cenote, it is a mouth of an underground river, a unique phenomenon in the Mayan World on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Benefits of the activity:
– Special attention for people who do not know how to swim: we are experts who
They turn the participant’s anxiety into a pleasant experience. Beginners and
Non-swimmers can enjoy this snorkeling adventure 100%. A guide
will remain by your side at all times using a circular life preserver as
additional assistance to provide greater safety and comfort for the client.
It also includes personalized attention during informational and training lessons.
practice inside the sea in a special area assigned for lessons to the

– “EXTRACTION” service for the participant who for some reason requires
interrupt the activity at any time. The Marina dock is located
about a kilometer away from the reef, so we send a boat back to
solid land in a matter of a few minutes.

– Safety and service are our top priorities, so the
Boats operate with small groups of maximum 10 people to offer
better technical and maritime assistance. If it is necessary to reserve another group
large, we can operate under special request.

– Round transportation from any hotel in Cancun, Isla Blanca and Costa Mujeres.
– Specialized snorkeling equipment: Special life jacket for apneas, full face mask that enables breathing through the nose (optional), visor with graduation (optional), fins, weight belt (optional) and “Dry – Top” snorkel tube which prevents water induction inside the tube and mouth.
– Theoretical and practical lesson: Before leaving, participants with little or no experience will be invited to take theoretical and practical snorkeling lessons, for a better result when carrying out the activity. We will show how to use the equipment, how to breathe easily, how to defog the mask, how to swim with fins and other very important and interesting tips to make the experience much more pleasant.
-Specialized guide for non-swimmers.
-Five visiting areas: Coral reefs and seagrass, underwater museum, sunken ship and marine cenote.
– Bottled water, showers and lockers.
– Welcome photo (before entering the water and applies per couple or group)
– Passenger insurance.


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