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The snorkeling tour is divided into 5 visits with 4 dives:

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The snorkeling tour is divided into 5 visits with 4 dives:

First visit:
Enjoy the “El Meco” coral reef, one of the best preserved in the Great Mayan Reef, full of fish and marine life. The reef has depths of 2.5 to 4 meters with different coral formations and schools of fish.
Second visit:
Our second visit is to an underwater museum, where we will admire two galleries of underwater art, interaction of art and the environment in the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful works of art, with a spectacular turquoise blue background.
Third visit:
Our point to find turtles, we have 96 – 98% chance of finding 1 to 5 turtles. We can also find and swim with manta rays. When was the last time you had a chance to swim with turtles in their natural habitat?
Fourth visit:
A very attractive visit, the sunken ship. Full of marine life, multicolored coral and schools of fish of different species. It is a semi-sunken ship and perched on a bank of white sand that turns a natural pool of turquoise water around it, it is impressive.
Fifth visit:
Discover fresh water in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a marine cenote, it is a mouth of an underground river, a unique phenomenon in the Mayan World on the Yucatan Peninsula.
Mayan Ruins:

Visit the beautiful archaeological zone of “El Meco”, an attractive archaeological zone where the meeting between America and Europe took place in the 15th century (45 min).


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